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What is this used for?

Music Beds, sound effects and voice tracks are great for broadcast DJs, podcasters, live events, DJs and commercial/voiceover productions. Order Now

What's the benefit of this package?

This audio package is unlimited-use and royalty free. No need to pay annual license or subscription fees. Unlike other music tracks, you don't need to worry about music licensing. Order Now

Can I resell this audio package?

No. You get a one-time (unlimited-use) license for your productions only. The audio package cannot be resold to another user. It cannot be made available for free downloads or sharing. Your package is coded for only your use, under your name. You can use for any production that you create as long as it's not music or sound effects only. Order Now

What is the format of the files?

All files are compressed together in a zip file (when they are delivered via online download). the audio files are MP3 format. Some are WAV and AIF format. Order Now

Can I get a refund after ordering?

No. There are zero refunds available after ordering. That's why we offer samples on our homepage of each audio package. This is the only way we can keep the price as low as possible. Order Now

What are the licensing terms for this product?

AEU Media Suite comes with unlimited-use rights with no license fees. Because this product is a downloadable digital file, there is absolutely no refund with no exceptions. There is only one download per customer allowed. Reselling or sharing any of these audio files is strictly prohibited. Unlimited-use license is only available to the one purchaser of digital product. By submitting order form, you are agreeing to these terms. Order Now